ISO SEDEX Certification Gurgaon


Forensic audits are highly essential to businesses. They can be used to identify challenges and solutions that will promote and enhance the growth of the organization within the supply chain.

What is SEDEX audit?

SEDEX which stands for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange is a nonprofit organization that has a core objective of making business simple and easy for everyone. We provide SEDEX Audit Services that features a significant database of data, which we can share with companies in a supply chain and with their customers. This data includes ethical audit reports that would enable customers to gain ethical data to weigh the progress and get more information about the supplier in the supply chain.

Also, the customers can also keep track of their suppliers. Likewise, companies can use the ethical audit reports to manage their business ethics. Companies that wish to address ethical problems in the supply chain sector can seek for SEDEX audit. The aim of SEDEX is to converge, minimize the auditing burden of suppliers, and induce improvements in tandem to the standards within the supply chain.

What is SMETA

SMETA, which stands for SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit, is one of the most sought-after auditing techniques by companies around the world. It is designed for members of SEDEX and created to uphold transparency and conformation to standards within the supply chain.

Types of SEDEX audit

There are two types of an audit that can be performed under SMETA. They are SMETA 2 pillar audit and SMETA 4 pillar audit. The 2 pillar audit involves labor standards and health & safety. It entails about conforming to the environmental requirement based on the law of a particular place. The SMETA 4 pillar audit focuses on the business and environment integrity.

The type of audit that is selected by the client determines the audit that is performed. Companies that are not members of SEDEX are also encouraged to use this audit procedure. With this procedure, we are dedicated to offering a SMETA auditing service to promote transparency, a corrective action plan format, and a common audit plan format.

Benefits of SMETA audit

This ethical auditing format used widely has benefits, which include:

• Healthy and safe environment for workers. By adhering to the environmental and health laws of a country, a company will be able to make the working condition around the workplace conducive.

• Increased patronage because consumers are liable to purchase from companies that are adhering to and maintaining ethical standards.

• A company can have a better visibility into the supply chain.

• To avoid a questioning credibility of a company, it is important to maintain the laid down ethical standards.

We are an independent and licensed supplier auditing company focused on protecting and promoting the growth of your business in the supply chain. We recognize that every organization is unique and be highly ethical. We have well-trained professionals and experience of offering SMETA Audit Services and SEDEX Audit Services.

We have an impressive portfolio of providing health, safety and environmental and ethical audits to ensure that our clients are abiding by the methodology and ethics in the global supply chain. Our modus operandi ensure that our auditing focuses on the areas that are significantly important to your business. We will assist you to identify potential risks and take proactive steps to counter them.